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[new] Cannabis in Medical Practice: A Legal, Historical and Pharmacological Overview of the Therapeutic Use of Marijuana - Edited by Mary Lynn Mathre
ISBN 0-7864-0361-6. 238 pages, softcover $25.00

Straightforward and nonpoliticized information on the therapeutic use of marijuana is provided by legal, medical, and scientific professionals. Specific medical uses are examined and dosages and administration of cannabis are explored. Published in July 1997.

Marijuana, Medicine & the Law, Volume I: The Direct Testimony - by Robert C. Randall
ISBN: 0-936485-02-7. 502 pages, softcover $29.95

"The specific nature of this collection is to be commended. . . a solid piece of research." Midwest Book Review. Detailed affidavits from more than fifty-five witnesses, including many of the world's leading medical experts on marijuana's therapeutic uses, patients, scientists, researchers, attorneys, and health administrators.

Marijuana, Medicine & the Law, Volume II: Legal Briefs and Decision - by Robert C. Randall
ISBN: 0-936485-04-3. 484 pages, softcover $25.95

Volume II transforms the vast body of evidence into concise, thoroughly documented, and easy-to-read legal arguments. Includes the legal briefs from the Drug Enforcement Administration and petitioning parties as well as selected oral arguments. The full text of Chief Administrative Law Judge Francis L. Young is reprinted. The extensive bibliography and numerous exhibits makes this book a valuable reference.

Cancer Treatment & Marijuana Therapy - by Robert C. Randall
ISBN: 0-936485-05-1. 365 pages, softcover $23.95

"[T]his book raises important questions about the bureaucratic process and our political, judicial, and medical systems." Oncology Nursing Forum. In addition to the compelling testimony of witnesses, the book also contains data from previously unpublished state research programs.

Muscle Spasm, Pain & Marijuana Therapy - by Robert C. Randall
ISBN: 0-936485-06-X. 237 pages, softcover $14.95

"The first book that focuses on the medical use of marijuana by people who have paralysis, neurologic disorders, and muscular spasticity." Paraplegia News. In addition to muscular spasticity, this book documents the medical use of marijuana by people with chronic pain, highlights two important court cases, and contains appropriate excerpts from the decision of DEA Judge Francis L. Young.

Marijuana & AIDS: Pot Politics & PWAs in America - by Robert C. Randall
ISBN: 0-936485-07-8. 196 pages, softcover $12.95

"The book's useful information and easy-to-follow writing style make it a worthwhile addition to medical libraries . . . nurses . . . and patients themselves." Oncology Nursing Forum. Published in January 1992, this book explains how the War on Drugs has placed seriously ill Americans in the crossfire and shows what can happen when governmental policy ignores compassion in favor of ideology.

Marihuana: The Forbidden Medicine - by Lester Grinspoon, M.D., and James B. Bakalar
ISBN: 0-300-05435-1. 184 pages, hardcover.

A review of the medical uses of marijuana with accounts from patients.

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